Not an 'ask' but just a little fyi. Erin is 29 yo and was dropped from IMG a couple of years ago. I don't think she's with any other major agency in NYC at this time. I suppose she is focusing more on art projects such as her band and painting.

Okay then


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Fuck yeah! Ezra Miller.

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I think my love is fading for Ezra. I feel sort of in between, but I had an epiphany. The more he talks, I realize he's never had any real adversity in his life. Rich family, became famous at a young age. On the surface he's very bright, but he is mostly insecure with his lack of formal education, hence the verbose manner in which he speaks and explains himself. Oh, and he's immature. It's a sad day when you humanize your celebrity crush!

Oh, I know! It’s the day u will never forget…
I know what you’re talking about. I mean, two years ago I was flippin out for him, now I’m not. (Of course I still love him)
And I think that’s ok, cause it would be sad if our opinion or thoughts about someone (or something) didn’t change with time. Don’t you think?


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I had forgotten I made it hahaha

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Ezra Miller behind the scenes at the Prada Menswear F/W 2013 advertisement campaign, photographed by David Sims

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Ezra Miller with long hair (requested by an anon)

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Yesss. Ezra can raise my vibrational (is that even a word?) energy, anytime. ;)

(I think it is..?)


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That pic of Ezra is the glasses is wonderful;) hilarious

The one he’s with a fan, right? Haha, yeah


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Ugh. Those energy healing devices are nothing but a scam. Ezra Matthew Miller, you aren't too smart. I still want your penis inside of me. Post some sexy Ezra pics with his long hair. PLEASE! *kiss kiss*

I’m glad someone else likes him with big hair too ♥
I’ll post some in a few *kiss, kiss*


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